Dedicated & Trustworthy care

Buying and selling a home is stressful enough. We take away the headaches of choosing the best inspector. Unlike our competitors, we offer dedicated and trustworthy care before, during, and after an inspection. Our services include in-depth inspections and radon, water quality, and septic system testing.

Before-Inspection Care

Responsive / Equitable Communication
Communication take many forms. We understand this so you can call, email, text, or even chat with us. We believe in equality, and we don’t discriminate regardless of race, color, religion, gender or sexual preference, culture, national origin, disability, or age.

Easy Scheduling
Our online scheduling system is quick and easy and available 24/7. If timing or pricing do not fit your particular situation, just give us a call.

During-Inspection Care

Face-to-face Communication
There is no substitute for first-hand experience. During the inspection every question is welcome. Highly personalized one-on-one communication is part of our mission.

Detailed Documentation
We take extensive notes electronically. No need to remember details. Before leaving the home, we share a summary that is jargon-free. The notes establish the direction of the completed report.

Quick Turnaround & Easy Access
We provide highly visual and informative reports, most often within 24 hours. We provide indefinite electronic access to reports. High standards of confidentiality are kept.

After-Inspection Care

Post Inspection Consultation
After you receive the report, we collaborate with you and your agent. We prioritize the most critical findings first. Our online system helps you and your agent to create easy repair/requests list for the seller, which are crucial for closing home inspection contingencies on the sale.

Walk-through Checklist
The final walk-through is the last opportunity to check the home before closing. Our report includes a walk-through checklist. Use our report to ensure repairs/requests were made to your satisfaction.

Maintenance & Repair Consulting
We will keep in touch beyond the sale. Expect to receive periodic communication from us (with your permission). We include reminders, home maintenance tips, and other timely home ownership articles so your house stays in tip-top condition. We also can return, if new work is completed, like replacing the roof or heating system.


For Real Estate Professionals

We are an extension of the trust and goodwill that you have tireless built with clients. We are not deal-killers. We like to think that working with us simplifies your work, rather than adds difficulties. We provide:

Strong Communication Skills
Adolfo has a doctorate in communication and conflict resolution. Clients will notice the difference. Our mission is to go far beyond simply report writing. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Web Access for You
We have a powerful, secure online system for scheduling and report access. Secure access is yours for viewing, printing, and sending reports in HTML or PDF formats. We can schedule and notify all parties involved. Repair Addendums for request/repair lists are a snap with our system. Try our demo.

Fully Insured & Guarantees
Simply put, if we make a mistake, you’re covered. We are fully insured with E & O, General Liability insurance, and have extensive referring party coverage. We have a 90-day money back guarantee for your clients.

Online Learning Resources for Clients
Our primary goal is not simply to provide excellent written reports. We are a learning resource for inspections and systems, and hence the report is just the beginning. Clients can learn about inspection day, in-depth home inspections, radon, wells and water quality, and septic systems. Soon new articles will be added regularly.


See for Yourself

The official result of the inspection is the report itself. Trusted Inspection Services In-depth Home Inspections are the most comprehensive and reliable in the Hudson Valley. We will outline issues accurately, in an easy-to-read, jargon-free format. We will advise our customers if items or components are satisfactory, will need repair within five years, or will need immediate action. This way our customers can make quick and informed choices.

Trusted Inspection Services has the industry’s most detailed and informative home inspection reports on the market. View our sample report and see for yourself.