Inspection day

Inspection day is here! The excitement has been building, and you hope there are no significant problems found during inspection. You are not alone.

What to Expect

The seller, agents, and everyone else participating in this sale are all hoping for the best. Most of all, the home inspector. So, you might wonder: what actually happens on inspection day?

Perhaps most importantly, before arriving on inspection day, is to consider the following: Most times we find minor problems, which are easily solved. No home, however, is free from defects. Not even brand new homes. So, try to keep little things in perspective, and don’t kill a deal over small problems. It’s better to negotiate with the other party, let your agent help, and enjoy your new home!

You can expect that we will show up early. We will start right away by evaluating the grounds, exterior, and roof.

Expect us to:

  • Warmly greet you (it will probably be the first time we meet in person)

  • Encourage you to join us on the inspection, if you wish

  • Work for you—our client, which means keeping your interests in mind

  • Act and communicate responsibly and professionally with high ethical standards

  • Answer questions respectfully

  • Start broad, and progressively move into detail

  • Be efficient about time, it will take approximately 2-3 hours

  • Be detailed-oriented

  • Attempt to report on all deficiencies according to our standards of practice.

  • Bring to your attention significant issues right away

  • Take a lot of pictures

  • Use everyday language, not lingo or specialized jargon

  • Inspect over 500 components of the home

  • Record all the notes, so you don’t need to remember anything

  • Show a visual and photo-based summary before departing

  • Send a complete and professional report within 24 hours

  • Perform additional radon, water quality, and septic system testing, if requested

We hope this “what to expect” guide helps alleviate some anxiety. We are excited to help you meet your goals! See you soon!