Why Roofs are Important

Why Roofs Are Important

And Three Common Misconceptions

Roofs are important because they keep the weather outside and the house dry inside, but there are many misconceptions about roofs. Proper ventilation, installation, and support are necessary.

One common misconception is that roofs should seal the air from entering. Not true! A good roof installation includes what we call “breathability.” Having proper ventilation into the attic is essential because improper ventilation leads to problems, like mold, rot, and ice dams. Homes have vents on the sides (gable ends) of the home near the roof or under the eaves and at the ridge or peak. That is the purpose of those vents. To ventilate.

Another common misconception is that new or newer shingles is the most important part of roofs. Yes, of course, newer shingles help, but roofs mostly leak not at shingles but where they meet vertical parts of the home, like the dormer pictured here, at facia or drip edge (where my right hand is near in this picture), or chimneys. Roofs need proper flashing to be water tight.

Finally, a third misconception is that homes, once built, have proper support below. We find many homes, even new homes, can have improper support to hold up the weight of shingles, plywood sheathing, snow loads, or solar panels. This support is commonly rafters or trusses.

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