Appliance Life Expectancy - You May Be Surprised!

Knowing the age of appliances can become a negotiating point toward the sale of the home. Attention Agents, buyers and sellers!!

Why know about life expectancy of appliances?

  • It can be expensive to replace them, so older appliances may need to be replaced at time of purchase. It is inconvenient and frustrating, for example, to replace the A/C right after moving in.

  • Appliances are essentially a bargaining chip. An older heating system, for example, can become a way to lower the price of the home, if you’re buying.

  • If you’re a seller, knowing that an expensive appliance is old may be a reason to replace it before putting it on the market. That way appliances DO NOT become a bargaining point with potential buyers! Always consult with your trusted real estate agent before making this decision.

What are appliances?

Some appliances stay with the home, and others do not. There are many household appliances that we do not cover here, but the whole list of home-related items are covered in Internachi's Life Expectancy information (click the link or pic to the right).

  • Microwave Oven, 9 Years

  • Range / Cooktop, 15 Years

  • Oven Hood, 14 Years

  • Refrigerator, 11 Years

  • Dishwasher, 9 Years

  • Clothes Washer, 13 Years

  • Gas Oven, 10-18 Years

  • Central Air, 7-15 Years

  • Window A/C, 7 Years

  • Heating Boiler, 40 Years

  • Heating Furnace, 15-25 Years

There are many factors that influence appliance useful life. For example, how often they’re used, the quality of the water (clothes washer, for example), for homeowner information only, and not a guarantee of age or performance.

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