Repair Requests: Simplify the Process

Advanced Tools to Simplify the Tedious

Buyers and agents have FREE ACCESS to advanced tools to simplify the repair request process - it’s fast, easy and organized, so take the free interactive demo for a ride and watch the video! Hire us for your next inspection and get free access!

The automated system is used for:

  1. Creating repairs lists to negotiate with sellers

  2. Contacting contractors with pictures of the work that’s needed

  3. Collaborating long-distance with your agent

  4. Asking your inspector to re-inspect after repairs

  5. Creating a working project list after purchase

  6. Forwarding specific information to yourself or spouse as a reminder

  7. Using social media to share any images from a report

In the Hudson Valley, and possibly all over New York State, there is no consistent or easy process for requesting repairs. Agents typically create their own list by creating an email to seller agents. But there is inconsistency in the process and content, which could include scanned pages, images from cell phones, misspellings and fraught with miscommunication. Buyers who seek a contractor’s help also struggle to describe what work is needed. Our system simplifies all of this since the inspection report contains detailed descriptions, and color photos.

What Are Buyer Requests

Buyer’s repair requests is defined as requests that buyers ask sellers to either repair, pay to fix, or possibly negotiate to reduce the asking price. Requests are based on a reputable home inspection report.

So, buyer requests ARE one of the final opportunities to make repair before taking ownership of the home. Notice that we use the work “request” and not “demand,” because negotiation, regardless of what you see on court TV should involve some give-and-take, so that a win-win scenario is achieved by all.

Requests ARE are typically part of completing or closing the inspection contingency on your contract with the seller. A home inspection helps alleviate concerns about property condition when sellers choose to not disclose information about the property. I will discuss seller property disclosure and New York State in a later post.

Buyer requests ARE usually communicated through the respective agents involved with the sale. So, work closely with your real estate agent to lessen stress and move quicker to closing! Let your agent help negotiate - that’s why you hired them! Agents need permission from you, their client, before viewing the report.

Buyers SHOULD request repairs based on hard evidence, as provided by a professional home inspector in the inspection report. After all, homes are expensive, and sellers will likely not be convinced by unsupported evidence, like when a buyer claims that the water heater is not functional, with little evidence.

What is Not a Buyer Request

It is NOT the time to demand, strong arm or play hardball with a seller. This can quickly drive the seller to other offers on the home.

It is NOT the time to gripe over small things, because you already know you want the house. So, fix what’s broken but don’t slam on the brakes and lose the home.

It is NOT going to solve every perceived problem, because owning a home includes constant maintenance. Some will be unforeseen until the day you move in.

A screenshot of the request process

A screenshot of the request process

Simply login after we I have created a report to access these features

Simply login after we I have created a report to access these features

How To Request Repairs

Hire us or another trusted inspector to examine your home and create a detailed and reputable report, then;

  1. Receive the inspection report, delivered to you electronically in a secure website

  2. Login to the secure website and read the entire report before committing to requests

  3. Be sensible about what’s important and what you request. Major things, like roofs and heating systems are major, not window trim or old water stains.

  4. Collaborate with your agent to create ONE repair list using our built-in system

  5. Our reports have a summary of major concerns at the top, for easy access

  6. The repair list you create has just the items you deem important, and is professionally formatted

  7. Forward the customized report via email directly to whomever needs the information

  8. Done, and wait for a response from sellers! Remember, working closely with your agent is key, since they typically will communicate with the other parties as your representative

Hire us for your next home inspections. We deliver reports in 24 hours, and we are the only Hudson Valley company with a PhD to back up our claims. Read our other posts and info about our services, and give us a call at 845-706-7960.