Straight forward fees

We believe in transparency, so we publish our fees online. Fees are subject to change, but this page can give you a solid idea of our fees.

In-Depth Home Inspection 

Fees for single-family home inspection based on square footage. Contact us if there are special considerations, like extra kitchens or other buildings on the property.

Square FootageOur Fee
Base Fee $525.00
2,500 - 3,000 sf $575.00
3,001 - 3,500 sf$625.00
3,501 - 4,500 sf$675.00
4,500+ sf$0.75 per additional sf

Radon Testing 

Testing for radon is affordable, and provides peace of mind. If there are dangerous levels, we will recommend a short list of reputable mitigation companies. We highly recommend radon testing before buying a home — especially in the Hudson Valley.

ServiceOur Fee
Radon Testing w/ In-Depth Home Inspection $100.00
Radon Testing Standalone$150.00

Well Water Testing 

Water quality testing ensures your drinking water is safe to drink, especially if you drink from a private well. There may be other contaminants that you want us to check, like lead or PCBs, which are additional fees.

ServiceOur Fee
Total Coliform/Ecoli Water Quality Testing w/ In-Depth Home Inspection$100.00
Total Coliform/Ecoli Water Quality Testing Standalone$150.00

Septic Inspection 

Septic inspection involves completing a stress test of the septic system, which includes a dye test.

ServiceOur Fee
Septic Visual Inspection w/ In-Depth Home Inspection $100.00
Septic Visual Inspection Standalone $150.00

Other HIgh-Quality Services

Re-inspections are performed when repairs were done after inspection, or components were not accessible (like the breaker panel or boiler) and we returned a second time. Roof inspections are typical if homeowners are considering adding solar panels.

ServiceOur Fee
Re-inspection $150.00
Foundation or Roof Inspection $200.00
Call for Others - like barns, extra garages and buildings TBD

The fees listed above are for reference only. Our most up-to-date pricing is found when you contact us or set up an appointment online.